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The Bright Tele-Care TeleHealth Platform

Electronic Consultation

Our pool of primary and specialist physicians will treat every patient with medical attention using interactive communications tools via audio call (dedicated hotline) informative website (email) or chat and instant messaging

Virtual Video

Real-time video conferencing over Live and Remote consult in rendering diagnosis from a specialist doctor to patient.

Electronic Prescribing

A technology framework that allows physicians and other medical practitioners to write and send prescriptions to participating pharmacy electronically.

Our Services


Patient Consultations

Audio/Video calls, instant messaging and interactive web communication for primary care consultations


Referral Services

Live video streaming and conferencing for cases that needs medical specialists attention.


E-Health Patient Service Sites

Provide direct access to patient and services over internet.


Health Information

Includes the use of internet for consumers to obtain specialized health information and online discussion.


Generates electronic prescription.


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